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Cross post to Calgary and Vancouver subsections.

Also, and it's just my opinion and this is APUG after all so take this for what it's worth, but do you really want to be film specific as a collective ? I get that people are committed to film (you should see my film cupboard) but it's also a hook and that hook can work against you as well. People who are serious about seeing important photography DON'T care about the media used, they just want to see good work. You may marginalize yourself, but I've been wrong about lots of things so ymmv.
Dunno. I'm thinking tentatively that the film-only angle could work--provided the emphasis is on a shared interest in doc style shooting instead of the usual gear-fondling show+tell BS. Still, finding people into this type of shooting who also shoot film could be a hindrance. I'd like to see any local APUG groups around the GTA and beyond actually connect and meet more than once or twice annually at best. Maybe this needs help first?