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Here is the link to the negatives.


As for ditching the cats, I doubt SWMBO would allow that. Though the shower is a good idea, I had been hanging them in the bathroom, next to the shower, but in the shower would protect them better. Thanks! That will prevent future problems.

The scan was done on a HP scanjet 4050 with (demo version) Vuescan. I intend to get a license on payday next week, so please be understanding of the watermarks. The software that came with the scanner is horrible.
i wish i could see your film, but i don't have a google account and it requires a password/user name to view your images.

i have digitally remastered totally trashed scratched bent up and destroyed tintypes and prints from years ago, it can be done with PS but it will take
a long time to get it right, you would have to do huge scans so your retouching isn't evident, low res manipulation looks like .. low res manipulation ..
i wouldn't bother with it ... then again, it is a good skill to have and if you can do these things the analog way
it is much easier to do them using a computer ...

if your negatives are totally scratched up, i would enlarge them using a cold light head ( or put diffusion glass between your condensers and negative )
rub the back of your ear and get a little oil on your finger and swirl it around on your negative on the scratches ( this will diffuse the light hitting the film )
then enlarge them to the size you want them to be .. and make a print, and then a contact print off of that, so you have a large paper negative to work with.
as keith suggested it isn't all that hard to retouch a paper negative with pencil ..
get water colors or retouching fluid, or use a pencil on the back of the print and then make another contact print from that.
get some of the cellophane that covers boxes of tea and when you make your positive print, boost the contrast a little bit with pc filters
and pass the cellophane between the lens and paper .. not alot, it will really diffuse your print ...

if the positive print you made doesn't look the way you want it to look retouch it a little more.

you could always do something "artsy" with the film. get some gause, or hose and enlarge through it.
or take fine grit sand paper and selectively scratch up the rest of your film or print through fluid, or take a sheet of film ( a different, clear piece )
pass it over a burning candle to get soot on it ( cigarette/cigar smoke works best but who smokes these days ? ),
and make a hole through the film with a match head and make a print through that ...

years ago i used to do commercialprinting for a portrait photographer. i wasn't too swift and dropped a 5x7 negative on the darkroom floor ( concrete + dirty )
to make matters worse it was a full portrait of the state's governor that i was supposed to make 250 5x7 glossy prints for his re-election campaign .
the ear-oil trick worked pretty well ... he was re-elected and i think he went to jail .. luckily my prints had nothing to do with it.

good luck !