You got a nice lens, there. I suspect yours is a bit younger than mine - S/N 5844. Does yours have an iris? Mine uses waterhouse stops.

It's interesting that yours is marked 16x13. I would have to guess that those dimensions are inches, as cm would make no sense. Ny Suter, however, vignettes slightly on a 12x20.

Mark's got a good suggestion about building an extension, if you don't have enough bellows. Be careful about hanging too much weight off the front standard, though. You might want to consider a separate support for the lens. I use a monopod sometimes.

When you really get nuts about old lenses, you'll wind up doing things like I've done - the aluminum pieces in the photo allow the lens cells to be mounted into a semi-modern shutter (Ilex 5). The knurled brass piece on the front allows 77mm filters to be used, as well as a new rubber lens shade.

You know about GAS, don't you