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I got hold of a E. Suter Basle Aplanat B No 6 16x13. I made myself vulnerable to this by drooling over pictures of big fat lenses removed from military aerial cameras; this Aplanat B is gorgeous --and I haven't the least notion of what it is, other than a). beautiful b). clean as a whistle; furthermore, the guy who pulled it out of an old wooden 8x10 knows as much about it as I do, i.e., zip.

I hope that one of you had the foresight to get the lensboard and flange for the lens, or at least the flange...

Unless of course you can turn flanges yourself on a lathe, then you will have a lot of large format friends...

If you did not get the lens flange, get back to the seller (if you can), as it is important piece for mounting the lens (rather than being part of the camera).

Hopefully my advise is not required,