More than my share. A late vintage Beseler 45mcx with Ilford 500 head & two dichro heads on the shelf. A Omega D5 cond set up beside the Beseler. A 23CII that I bought 30 years ago on standby. Two more D5's in the basement, one with a condenser head one with a Dichro head. I hope to make a spot to set the Dichro D5 .

A Focomat II with no light source (it had the Ilford 500 on it and I do have spare 500 setup that will fit). A durst M301 and a M600 - looking for a good home. A couple Omega 700s and a 760 with Dichr0 heads - not in good shape. And I think there is one more unknown in pieces.

I guess 10-12 all told.