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We sell 10 to one fiber prints to each digital.

Fair enough but what the OP wants to do is different from selling art in a gallery. My understanding is that he doesn't want a collective of nature/ landscape photographers. He wants to do documentary work and for this, film is going to be a hard sell unless you're a known quantity.

I count among my friends and colleagues, editors (WPP judge for example) and photographers (VII, an independent but award winner, etc) and telling them you shoot on film isn't going to register. Honestly, they're going to think if that's your main selling point, you have a lot of work to do before you can talk to them again. Are they shooting film as well, most are but they move between film and digital depending on the project they're working on. Hell, some are even using the film cameras I sold them.

TPTB want to see good work and they don't care if you used a D3 or an MP.

I applaud the OP for wanting to get a group of like minded photographers together but to become a quality collective that will make a difference, you're going to have to go up against other Canadian collectives like Boreal or Rogue, both of which have a deep talent pool and both of which put the work produced, ahead of the kind of camera they use.