on the other side of the coin
i have seen paintings and buildings in books
and when i saw them in real life
i was like - " that's it ? "
it doesn't happen often but sometimes ...
with all photography, the person making the image
and the book displaying the image ( or website ) has
the opportunity to change the point of view ..
and make a crowd of 3 look like a mob,
or a run down building look like a castle ..

personally ..
i think there is nothing quite like seeing something real .. and
art in a gallery or museum or portfolio that is mailed to you
is about as real as it gets.

i remember seeing man ray's "le cadeau" at the MFA in boston
and maholy nagy's light shadow simulator "light prop"
and the movie he made from it .. i got the same feeling when i
stood inside la chappelle at ronchamp by le corbusier ...