I just stumbled across this post and although we have since exchanged emails, I just thought I'd add to the thread. I've been working in collodion for a few years now. I've incorporated the wet-plate process into my Antiquarian Processes class at Parsons School of Design with great success and my students find it more exciting than anything they've done before. I'll be conducting a 5 day workshop at the Peter's Valley Craft Center in New Jersey August 5-9. I'm also scheduling private and group workshops in my New York City studio beginning in May. Some of my recent studio work can be viewed online at PDN's photoserve.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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I've recently been inspired to explore wetplate collodion and have stumbled upon a workshop listing for Michael Mazzeo. I'm wondering if people would share their experience with his workshop or those run by others such as Scully and Osterman ?

Anyone else holding or participating in wetplate workshops this coming year?

I know Jason, Kerik and Calamity Jane are doing wetplate. Anyone else on the forum?

In addition to Michael Mazzeo, Sally Mann, and Robert Maxwell are there any other non-reenactors who have collodion work online?

Thanks for any info.