I've received cards from seven photographers so far (plus my own). The following are the photographers, the Titles (either supplied, or guessed at by me) and my comments:

guitstik - "Dew in the Pines" - I like how the background hints at mysteries
anikin - "Prickly Card" - A colour contact print! - and a fascinating image of cacti
delphine - "Brighton Marina" - Beautiful, repeating patterns of boats, and very nice print
Rob Skeoch - "Haunted? House" - A wonderful print and an evocative scene
Steelbar - "Palouse Schoolhouse" - Lots of patterns and textures in a really well-done print - are you sure you are out of practice?
mooseontheloose - "Paro Festival Dancer #1" - Fascinating, exotic, full of movement and well printed too
Mike Wilde - "Folk Art Fish on Old Customs Terminal - Hamilton Harbour"; "Headshots Matrix"; and "Venice Beach Boardwalk - double exposure" - Another set of three very different cards from Mike - as usual on three very different papers. I like them all, but in particular I like how the school of fish resemble slightly the "school" of community theatre supporters

Thanks all - this as always has been great fun. I look forward to receiving the remaining 21.