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Why do you guys like the Printfile (apart from the holes)?
Without wanting to sound religious about this (or maybe just a little bit ):
- I have been using them for a number of years now, and they do not show any signs of deterioration whatsoever. They are very well made and do not appear to tear or split. The rings in my ring binder never tear through their edges either.
- I like the white strip at the top of each sheet for my notes.
- The slots are just the right size... I find that I can easily slide my negs into them, but my negs never fall out of them.
- Most of my negs are now in Printfile sleeves, and I like it that the pages in my negative storage boxes are all exactly the same size (for each film format). So I can easily flip through them like the pages of a book if I want to find a particular sheet.
- By all accounts, they are truly archival.
- I can make decent contact sheets through them.
- They seem very popular, so it seems likely that they will continue to be available in their current form for quite a while.