Benji you're absolutely right but I feel that there is a danger that we will forget all other massacres because of the scale of the NAZI killing industry. It's already the case with the victims of the Nazis we are often forgetting the russians civilians that were killed in the concentration camps more than 6 millions or the Roma and Sinti, the Women accused of adultery (the only group with a near 100% mortality rate) that were used in the concentration camp brothels (yes they did exists and were used by prisoners that did good work mostly spying on others) and are still not officialy considered victims of the third reich death machine.

Only looking at the third reich makes us blind to other genocides or medical experiments that are sometimes still done. We currently have a scandal in Austria involving experimentation with malaria on children from state run children homes starting in the 1960 until it seems quiet recently and Austria is not the only country to have done so. Its on a smaller scale but no less horiffic especially after the third reich, one would think that the practice of illegal medical experiments on children would have stopped.
A friend of mine was with austrian military intelligence in Rwanda and still has nightmares from what he has seen. Pretty much all european as well as the US government had a military presence in Rwanda and they did nothing because the were to busy selling machets so that seven year old children could kill their neighbors. Around a million dead later the UNO declares their action a failure well some countries did their best to bloc the UNO in order to sell arms. Dead is dead it doesn't matter wether they were killed in an industrial fashion trough gas chambers or killed by a seven year old drugged out child with a machet hacking them to pieces.

We should never forget any genocide of the 20th and the genocides to come in the 21st century and try our best to stop them from happening, incidently after killing Gaddafi the UNO does nothing against the ethnic cleansing ( people with dark skin)in Lybia by the former rebel militia.

So my question do we learn from the past?

(praying that we learn from the past and stop bad things to happen in the future)