I've a couple of items to give away to a needy photographer: a little used mat cutter, Logan Simplex Studio 700-S, not the most perfect tool, but a good start. Comes with accessories and blades. I never used it for bevel windows, only to size down boards, because I could never make it cut a straight and perfect bevel in the thicker board, which I use. I've been relying on others to do it for me on professional equipment, but as I am now a happy owner of a proper machine (Fletcher) I really have no use for this one.

I also have an old, and beaten, RR Photon Beard 12x16 easel, which I got on eBay a few years ago, and I have never really liked. With cleaning and some aligning of the blades it would be of use to someone, as it seems to have been built well.

I am giving those away for free, but a small donation to a charity, such as http://www.hospice-foundation.ie or http://www.cancer.ie/ would be much appreciated. Ideally, those items would be collected at the next (springtime) APUG meeting in Dublin, but I am happy to arrange to meet earlier, too.