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Let us take a step back and look at your requirements:

You have a collection of M42 screw mount lenses, and desire to get a newer camera with bayonet mount, for some purpose. You also like the idea of being able to fit your existing lenses to that camera and make them function as well.

No, actually my requirement was to use bayonet-mounts lenses on my Praktica body. I don't need much in a body (I don't care for AE, AF, TTL metering). My Praktica L body has: a shutter, a crank, speed/f-stop dials, and a button. That's it, that's all. I'd like eventually to spend a few bucks on a nice lens, but don't want to feel limited to looking only for M42. Of course the Takumars and the Zeiss lenses are so far excellent for me, but a Nikon lens wouldn't be bad either.