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I just stumbled across this post and although we have since exchanged emails.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Hi Michael,

Yes. I definitely have enrolled in your NJ workshop in August and really am inspired by your work.

I've also found a few others doing collodion now who have work online. They include Quinn Jacobson (http://www.collodion.com/) as well as Luther Gerlach (http://www.epiphanie.com/) who was in View Camera about a year ago.

I also recently bought a copy of Robert Maxwell's book and managed to acquire several other collodion references including Scully and Osterman's manual and the Silver Sunbeam. Next paycheck will find me writing for John Coffer's manual.

I've also started building a portable darkbox as well as a portable darktent, silvering and fixing tanks, and a full-plate camera. I hope to be full-tilt ready for August.

I've also written to Artcraft regarding purchasing some of the process chemistry (ethyl ether, cadmium bromide, etc.) but haven't heard back from them yet. Know of any other sources for some of the more volatile or toxic chemicals? (I know there is a fifth of Everclear in the cabin I'll be visiting this weekend.)