I hitched my horse to the OM wagon back in 1986 and am still using them as my primary axe of choice even today in the world of digital. I only shoot that ugly digital stuff when I need to...

So, what about that OM4T(i)? It rocks, dude. The metering system is so unique and works in a jaw-dropping simple manner even though the level of exposure complexity is high. However, few people have actually exploited the capabilities. Honestly, it was many years before I ever tried using the HiLite and Shadow buttons. Once I did, it was Three months before I used anything else.

The multispot metering is also unbelievable for use with the Zone System. When in manual exposure mode, you take spot readings of the various brightness levels in the scene than you adjust your expose until all the dots line up on the exposure scale where you want them. It's a simple matter to place readings on any zone. I have a Sekonic meter which has this capability, but just as with every other meter, it Requires much more intrepretation. The OM3/4 bodies resolve this with a brilliant metering display.