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Considering 2 of the high points in aperture preferred cameras. Both classics. Which would you choose and why?
I bought my first OM-4T in November of 1987. I still have the camera. I bought the OM-4T as an upgrade to an Olympus OM-2S Program. The only other camera I was considering at the time was the Nikon F3HP. At he time I was using the OM-2S as Aperture Preferred Auto 75% of the time and Manual Mode 25% of the time. I remember my thought processes were as follows: 1) features of the camera body and building a selection of lenses to suit my needs. Some of the features that I liked for the Olympus were: 1) available Aperture Preferred Auto mode or Manual Mode each with an electronically controlled shutter, 2)Flash synch up to 1/2000th sec., 3)Spot metering with Multi-Spot averaging. I also owned several OM Zuiko lenses which I liked.

For me, the feel of the Olympus OM cameras in my hand was also important. I like the size and the way the an OM camera is used is very easy. You hold the camera in your left hand. The three most important controls (shutter speed, aperture and focus) fall right to the fingertips of your left hand. You can get a feel for the shutter speed that is set by feel and you don't even need to keep track of it in the viewfinder. I can Pre-set an Aperture depending on the film selected, brightness of the scene, depth of field desired or other considerations. Any of the other controls are very unobtrusive and you can ignore or use them any way that you wish.