In my case I edition all my images at 25. Prices start at 600.00 for thje first 5 images in an edition and rise as the edition sells out and top out at 2500.00.

When printing a new edition, I work on the individual print until it is where I envisioned in my mind's eye. This print then gets filed and becomes my guide print for the rest of the edition. Usually I will then print at least the first 5 images in an edition which go out to the galleries that represent me.

I've also become a pretty good judge of which images will sell faster and these I tend to print more of. If an image sells out of the first printing fairly rapidly, I will then finish out the complete edition in order to fill inventory at my galleries without delay. In addition I keep an "edition book" which is a database file in which all prints are tracked by title, date, edition number and gallery where it is located. Each month I send out new price lists to my galleries reflecting any prices that have changed. When a gallery sells an image I am notified of the sale as well as the client and their location. This information is then added to the edition book so that prices can be kept current. Hope this helps!