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I built another sink base this weekend, which matches my other sink and enlarging table. It's put together with the Simpson strong tie connectors. These are really easy to work with; just call all your sticks and screw them together. May be a bit of overkill, but they are rock solid.

For the legs, I added screw inserts that create a thread for a 1/4" screw for leveling out the base. Also keeps the lumber an inch or so off the floor to avoid moisture problems, not that my basement is moist or anything.

My new XLG should be here this week and then I will no longer have any excuse for procrastination, although I'm sure I will think of one by then.
Looks good------I have Simpson strong ties in all the hidden inside corners of both the dry-side table and the sink stand providing structural support. But deck screws provide the actual binding connections.