Say whatever you like, but her work certainly evokes emotion. I went to see this exhibition today. Well, actually i went to see Atget. What a bizzare combination these two. Even if they exhibitions are on different floors and not billed at all together, the curators can't imagine people won't go see them both. Anyway, i was so excited to see Atget, but left a bit flat. On the other hand,i wasn't that excited about Sherman, but left disturbed. Walking out of the museum, i decided that disturbed was more impressive.

Don't chalk it up to just size. Many of her smaller prints are actually quite excellent. My favorite was the relatively conservative and normal-sized untitled 70. Even in the larger prints, it's a lot more about aggression, ruddy female carnality, and twisted moribund characters than it is sheer size. The later in her career, the more disturbed her prints seem. Is it my cup of tea? No, but there's definitely a strength and range of talent not to underestimated. Go see it.