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A couple of days ago, I was browsing APUG's mobile website on my iPhone 3GS via mobile Safari. Then, for some reason, I clicked on the 'View Full Site' (or something similarly worded) option at the bottom of the page. Safari then took me to APUG's full site, which is what I'll see if I login to APUG on a desktop browser. Now, how do I go back to APUG's WAP version? It seems I can't. I've input www.apug.org/wap into my mobile Safari's URL bar & nothing happens. I've reloaded APUG's page on mobile Safari lots of time, and everytime it still opens up APUG's full site. A little help anyone?
Once you click to see the "full site" your phone will keep you there until you log off of APUG. So, try logging off on your mobile device, restart your mobile browser and return to APUG. It should then be the mobile version.. If not let me know. Thanks