There is a new version of Pinhole Assist on the Apple Store since yesterday (Feb 27, 2012)


What's New in Version 1.7 (Feb 27, 2012)
* NEW: Bubble level for accurate postioning of camera
* NEW: Timer, for accurate metering of exposure time. Tap timer icon next to exposure time.
What's New in version 1.6.1 (January 2012)
* enhanced stability of the application. All known bugs and crash removed.

"Pinhole Assist" will be your companion to argentic pinhole photography.

• Compute exposure time;
• Use built-in exposition timer and bubble level for optimal shot
• Mesure light;
• Enter your camera aperture from the predefined list or compute it;
• Let the assistant automatically compensate for reciprocity of film (correction for long exposures), or use your own curves.

Estimate light or measure it directly with the camera.

Enter your camera aperture or compute it from your camera geometry.

** Many pinhole camera settings are already included : Zeroimage™, Diana™, Holga pinhole, Ilford/Harman Titan and many more !

Select your film's sensitivity (ASA) and decide if you use reciprocity compensation.

Select the reciprocity curve you want to use.Via iTunes, you can add/edit/delete the reciprocity correction curves. Go to the app Web Site for further instructions.

Tip #1: adjust cell measurement via the iPhone/iPod "Settings" application.

Tip #2: if using an external cell, set its sensibility to 100 ASA.

Light measurement is only available on devices with camera. The manual setting allows you do do estimation with text indication, or use an external cell.

Cameras predefined settings:
• Diana multi pinhole
• Holga 120 pinhole wide
• Holga 120 pinhole stereo
• Zeroimage 135
• Zeroimage 2000
• Zeroimage 45, +1 frame, plus 2 frames
• Holga 135 Pinhole
• Holga 120 pinhole
• Ilford Titan 72 mm (basic) , 110mm, 150 mm
Any other camera can be accommodated.

Reciprocity charts included :
• A chart adapted from Jim Shull's The Hole Thing (the one I currently used for films) in two versions for easy editing
• A chart for photo paper
• A sample chart
Downloadable from the web site :
•Several charts derived from formulas by Gadget Gainer on APUG forums :
• 400TX
• HP5+
• 100 Delta
•Several chart derived from formulas originating from Without Lenses website
• T max 400
• T max 100
• TRiX & Plus 125
• Ilford films
•A chart for Ilford films