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Hi Roger,

I can explain: Graded papers either in RC or in FB are coated and made ( and sold ) in much, much lower quantities than Variable Contrast products. Exactly the same principles apply to their manufacture and sale as to why people buy VC, we have higher wastage as a percentage of coated product and we have to hold more inventory for longer and that is reflected in a higher cost per m2. GALERIE is somewhat 'special' anyway due to silver content.

Our philosophy is very clear, that we will continue to make these graded products available to the market, but they are higher price product ranges.

Thank you for buying and valuing ILFORD Photo products.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Figured as much, but wasn't sure if that alone could explain it.

I do appreciate Ilford and like your products very much. Until recently I wasn't much for warm tones but have been on a warm tone kick of late and have used MGWT probably 2:1 over the MCC 110 I also use, in spite of the fact the MCC 110 is considerably less expensive. Within reason I use what I like the best, not what's cheapest. I feel like I have to say "within reason" because a paper that cost, say, $10 per sheet of 8x10 I would not use, no matter how good it was. But I'm certainly willing to pay a little more for something I like.