What is the easiest way to do this? And can it even be done?

I would assume that its as easy as recocking the shutter, but as I have been reading with some other polaroid models, you have to use half the total exposure time for each exposure. Which I dont quite understand how that can be done on the automatics.

I just used two negatives, and tried to do two exposures each. In each one, I can see the first exposure but not the second. They were taken inside, under fluorescent lighting. They were of floral arrangements that were set on top of a black filing cabinet in our office. For the first exposure on each, I put my finger over the magic eye to lenthen the exposure, and then I gently 'swirled' the image with blur. For the second exposure I got closer and tried to place a flower in one third of the photo or another.

After development, it looks like only the first exposure is visible, as I see no trace of the second exposure on each.

Am I attempting the impossible or am I doing something wrong?