This is a full and complete Mamiya RZ67 6x7 outfit that will serve you well inside and outside the studio. Everything is in very good to excellent condition, and everything in the kit works perfectly. This is a film photographer's dream kit; there's really nothing that you can't do with it.

Note that the RZ, with the AE finder and the Winder attached, is fully automatic: you focus and press the shutter release -- that's it. And the strap with the L Grip (both included in this kit) make it much easier to manage than the RB, which is a bulky beast.

Comes with everything listed here:

- RZ67 Pro body with body caps, excellent condition cosmetically and functions perfectly
- 90mm Z lens, wide angle, no scratches, haze, etc: glass is clean and barrel looks great
- 180mm Z lens, telephoto / portrait, no scratches, haze, etc: glass is clean and barrel looks great
- AE Prism Finder, with cap, some internal dust but functions perfectly
- RZ Waist Level Finder
- RZ Winder II, a little worn cosmetically (some paint loss), but works great
- 2 120 6x7 backs with protective caps
- RZ L Grip with leather strap and electromagnetic release (push button) as well as cold shoe
- Genuine Mamiya Neck Strap
- 77mm Protective UV Filter (Hoya) with case, fits all RZ lenses (not pictured)
- 77mm 83A Warming Filter (Tiffen) with case, fits all RZ lenses (not pictured)
- RZ67 Original Manual (not pictured)
- AE Prism Finder Original Manual (not pictured)
- Mamiya aluminum case to hold it all!

Asking $775 for everything. There is some wiggle room in the price if you don't want or need the L Grip or the extra 120 back.

I also have an RZ67 Polaroid back with the original vertical and horizontal masking slides (available separately: not part of this package) for $85.

I would really like to avoid shipping this if I can, so if you are in the NYC metro area, let me know, as we can probably arrange to meet somewhere. If you can also pay in cash, I will take $25 off to cover PayPal fees.

Thanks for looking!