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Just throwing it out for someone looking for another graded paper to try, based on my experience with MCC 110.

EDIT: Just checked Freestyle and under the description of the Emaks it says, "Same as Nuance brand and Cachet Expo RF graded fiber-base photographic papers." So it seems you are correct. Price is the same too, but in different size packages so if I wanted to try it I'd try the smallest then if I liked it buy the right one for my level of usage.

It's really beautiful paper. The different contrast grades have different speeds, so it's a good idea to tune your negatives to a single grade.
The range is really long, so it's particularly good with negatives of fairly high contrast. It responds to water-bath treatment, works great with Amidol for example.
The base is not as white as Ilford Galerie, but is more 'natural' paper base, and is beautiful in its own right.

As with everything, switching papers can open up a can of worms you don't really want. If you instead start with the paper + developer you normally use, print a step wedge first to see what kind of values your negs need to print well. Then tune your film exposure and processing to suit the paper. That always gives you best results.

- Thomas