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Suzanne: I looked at your site and found your pictures to be more beautiful, compelling and loving than what I've seen of Sherman's. Alan.
Alan, thank you for your kind words about my work.

I'll confess that Sherman's constructed photographs aren't entirely to my taste as I've got me feet planted far more firmly in the world of photographing what's in front of me without setting it all up, but having said that, I've found her b/w untitled film series very compelling, and even some of the color work from the early 80's quite striking, and it makes me think and asks questions. There's plenty of her work, however, that doesn't work so well for me, but my frustration, I think, is that so many people heap criticism at her that seems to miss the point of her work, and swipes at how much people are paying for it... or that it's just too big, and then question why she has a show at MOMA without really addressing the substance.

Personally, I'm pleased to see a woman artist have a big retrospective at MOMA, far too few have, and I think she has earned it, even if I don't like all of her work or (as the linked article says) the show is flawed, and I have every intention of getting down to NYC this spring to see it.