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Darkroom Ventilation you say. Never heard of it. Never had it.
Still don't, unless you call that little exhaust fan in the ceiling
of my bathroom "Darkroom Ventilation".

I was in the service three years. A year, give or take two or
three weeks, was spent in each of three locations; an east and
west coast year each, and a year plus in Etain France. At each
location I was a or the Photographer and a or the Lab. Tech.

My lab at the Air Force Base at Etain was with the Headquarters
Company of the Combat Engineers Battalion also there located. The
other four Companys were scattered so I had quite a bit of travel
in that area of France.

No sink, no wet side, no dry side, just one side. An attached bath
had the sink for rinsing up. As with the other two assignments and
a few other labs I've worked in, NO ventilation.

Currently, at home, I've adopted an oderless, fumeless, chemistry.
That initself needs no more than a now and then
in and out the door. Dan
Having reflected some on my above post, I think it appropriate
I add a little more context. From that post it may not have been
obvious that NO " fine art archival silver gelatin " processing
was being done.

I'm not opposed to ventilation. I'm aware that for 'fine art' and
archival purposes some use toxic, foul smelling, fume producing
chemistry and do that in confined quarters. Dan