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Wow!! That is a great score, you can pay for the lot by just selling the 50 1.4. I need to go shopping more!! Congrats!
Nearly caught myself out - playing around with the two LX bodies last night it was obvious that although in auto mode the meters were indicating exposures (in the ambient room light) of, say, 1/4 second, the actual exposure when I pressed the shutter was closer to a second. However, as it was the same on both and yet the manual exposure indication was fine, I thought it worth a bit of a surf before worrying too much.

The answer was obvious when I found it (no doubt many are ahead of me!). Because the LX measures the light falling on the film during the exposure, as soon as I pressed the shutter and the first blind opened the reading was being taken from the black surface of the pressure plate, not from either the grey unexposed emulsion of a film or from the grey front surface of the blind. Tonight's job is to load an unexposed film and see whether that makes a difference.

The info I found on the web is that that scenario can make 2 to 3 stops difference, but no-one seems to be able to explain how the metering copes with different shades of emulsion.