G'Day... I was thinking of importing a whole bunch of Efke products myself. I've been trying to garner some interest on NZ Flickr groups with limited success so far.
If I make an order for Euro 3000, I get wholesale rates (add about Euro 400 for shipping). Customs and GST will add some more on to that... but essentially I am happy to put the leg work in and front the costs and on-sell to the NZ Market for whatever it cost me + 5% to cover my time to repackage and ship to the buyer... rough calculation (based on much guess work) is:

Efke PL 50 M 4 x 5/ 50 sheets Euro19,50 = NZ$30.82
Shipping costs (amortized over many products) at a conservative guess NZ$2.00,
GST and customs clearance add $8.00 (complete guess) brings landed cost to $40.25 + my markup of 5% and the cost to buy would be NZ$42.30 + shipping within NZ ($5 for 4x5 film up to x5 boxes) - not bad for 50 sheets eh!

As for the question: Is Efke & Adox the same thing? I have searched around and I can't say which ones are the same (some are).

Anyone else interested, please let me know.
mafi photographics (you can google for that easy enough)