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Dave, the Maxxum bodies are all AF, though, aren't they? I'm just wondering (I could be wrong, though) Minolta's 'best' manual focus was the X-700, wasn't it? In other words, without going AF, what is the 'most advanced' body one can go with?

I don't know Max,

I don't remember the 700 offering any more than the XD-11 offered, I shot a couple of X700 and did not find it to be better than the XD-11 I shot for years, and yes the Maxxum bodies are all AF, and many of them are also Manual Focus, Manual Exposure, or 100% manual if you want them to be, I have not found my Maxxum bodies to be any better than my older Minolta's, just a change of cloths in my opinion, although I do like my 600, auto foucs, when shooting wildlife, the auto focus is a nice feature.