Papers are different in paper tint, how they distribute tones, and overall image color. However, I think it is a true statement that graded papers do not have incorporated developer. That may extend their shelf life which seems to be longer than VC paper. Graded paper avoids curve splitting (See Post Exposure by Ctein).

I notice EMAKS grade 3 has excellent toe contrast. If you have low tones you wish to separate this is a good paper to use. EMAKS has a micro contrast certainly higher than PE papers. I found EMAKS works for most of my negatives. Galerie G3 is 1/2 grade softer than EMAKS G3 with one stop difference. Using both papers it was easy to fine tune print contrast without resorting to different developers. With the cost difference I am shifting to print developer for minor contrast control.

Using graded paper removes the urge to print negatives which do not print well. If the negative does fit the paper, I reshoot.