In no particular order, have received the following cards in the last week or so:

mooseontheloose "Paro Festival Damar #2" - Interesting shot, one I'd like to see on a bigger scale.
delphine "Brighton Marina" - Caught the mist coming in at just the right moment.
guitstik "Dew in the Pines" - Got a little munched in the post. At first, I thought the print had been toned, but I see it is on FujiColor Crystal. The result of using a chromogenic B&W film perhaps ?
drpsilver "Me, The Bean, Chicago" - A self protrait that kinda makes you look short
bluejeh2 "North of Merrit BC in a Ghost Town" - Like the sky. The burning in certainly adds "mood" to the shot.
bluejeh "Coffee Carafe" - A simple shot that probably took hours to set up. One I'd be happy to frame and hang on the wall.