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More or less, does it fill the need you have, at least were I live, we only paid about $150.00 for a Maxxum 50.


Sorry, not trying to be an arse, as one individual already called me in this thread, but $150.00 is a pretty fair price, perhaps you need to read your manual some more, the Maxxum bodies offer far more than any of the Manual bodies ever offered.
That last comment is really insulting. Not only have I read my camera manual but I fully understand how to operate my camera. Understanding how my camera works has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I now believe would have been a better choice for me. While $150.00 is a relatively low price for a camera BODY with the features of the 50, it's not necessarily a drop in the bucket for a person with a limited budget. I am not so stupid that I think there are really great cameras for an even lower price. The price of the body is NOT even an issue. I never said it was, though I suppose I can how that might be assumed. It is the cost of the lenses that is beyond my reach. I cannot afford the lenses and accessories that I want. Ebay is not an option - and being that I am not on trial here I don't see that it's necessary for me to explain why.

Being that I don't use the features on my 50 and have no desire to do so, being that I NEVER use auto-focus and NEVER will, it would seem that buying a used manual body and used manual lenses would have better fit my very restricted budget. As I said before, $150.00 is not a drop in the bucket for me. I have to save for every piece of equipment I buy. I shouldn't have to justify my choices though.

I'm no great photographer but I have been praised for how well my photos come out considering I do not use a flash or other accessories, I don't use auto-focus, I often ignore the built in metering (which is the only meter I have), and I don't always use a tripod. I'll upload a couple images just to back up my words, but I might not get to it until tomorrow as I'm supposed to be studying for a test in the morning.