Additionally, cops are supposed to remain as neutral as possible during the process. They are not judge, jury or executioner. They are simply the "point guards" of the legal process.

If they start expressing judgments about the people they deal with in their official capacity, they stand to spoil the case.
If a cop makes a disparaging remark during an arrest, the defense could come back and say that the defendant was singled out or treated differently because of appearance, race or some other form of prejudice. If that argument stands up in court, a guilty man could go free for a cop's lack of ability to bite his lip when it's necessary.

I would also say that other government officials should "bite their lips" when acting in official capacity. They should also put aside their prejudices as much as they can. (Very, very few humans can put aside 100% of their prejudices, 100% of the time.)

Back to the topic sentence... We all know that Hitler didn't bother to put aside his prejudice. In fact, it was the main plank in his platform.
Because of that, an entire country spun out of control and nearly took the rest of the world with it.

That's one reason why I say that elected officials need to remember that they were elected to do the peoples' business, not their own.
Had that been followed, Hitler might not have come to power and, subsequently set the world on end.

(Okay... If somebody at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts had seen fit to give him a set of paint brushes, maybe he never would have sought political office in the first place but that's another story for another time.)

Bringing this back to modern times, I think this idea needs to be reinforced with politicians, today.
I don't care if they are Democrat, Republican, Labour, Tory or Martian. Our entire system of government needs to be brought back under the People's control

I just hope that things like this, these pictures of Hitler living high on the hog while the rest of the country suffers through depression and descends into war, are enough to shock people into getting back to basics.