So, I got today the package with my midi kit of 1 liter. When I opened the box I had two mini kits insted of one of 1 litter. Before I contact the online shop, I just want to ask, even with two mini kits of 500ml I can do a one litter working solution?
The thing is: My tank takes 570ml for 5 films and the storege bottles are 600ml so I though (and was going to ask opinion here) or I do a full 1 litter solution and only use 600, discarding the remain 400 ml(wastefull) or I convert the formula of doing 1 litter and do only 600ml and the remain is going to be use some how (replenisher?).
Now, let see if a do this right: if 1000ml of solution takes 100ml of developer, 600 will take 60ml of developer. But I only have two 25 ml bottles of the developers parts, so I can not do what I thought, right?
Sorry if I miss explain or could not explain well.