Christopher Coy – Chankachank/squeeze box. I can imagine the zydeco tunes emanating as the bellows reciprocate and the keys are depressed, and the player taps his boot to the time of the music as well. Good up close shot with a wide angle lens on fast film, with shallow DOF. It must be a dark little hive to hang in for breakfast, with the sweet sounds drawing you in.

DRPSilver – The Bean. A great shot from Millennium Park. I quite like how you have framed this to show the distortions in every direction. I wondered when I saw it how much the fabricator must have cursed the vision of the artist when it came time to actually make the thing and ship it to site and assemble it.

Bruce McCaughey – Abandon school. Oh, sad to see what was likely a once proud parochial school come to this. The shadow play on the façade and steps is most wonderful, and grabs you to look deeper right away. Then you start to look deeper and notice the boarded up windows, and lack of what must have been ornamental glass over the doors. Then you see the moss or whatever on the steps. Sad in way. I long for the past to stay around us in a meaningful way longer while all others I know only want a newer cel phone or tablet… If this is how you meant to strike the viewer, you have done it well.

Moose on the Loose Festival Dancer #1, Bhutan. Lots of liely action. I am sure the guys dancing vigorously with the masks on their heads are glad it is slightly overcast or shaded by adjacent buildings as much as the photographer, who I surmise took this location up looking for a fast shutter speed, yet good DOF, and lack of strong shadows. You don’t need any blur in the frame to know that these guys were really dancing, with the trio in the frame with nary a foot on the ground at the time this image was captured. Excellent balancing of all of the variables to grab this one.

Keep them coming folks. A real nice round so far.