ok, so I guess this is going to be it for this paper neg exchange.

This might be a good time to agree upon some rules, maybe?

I'll post these here and then we can discuss, change, whatever we need/want to

1) since this is a small group, I think we can fairly easily handle swapping a print with everyone (unless someone wants to use some monster-sized paper print. I can tell you now not to expect anything bigger than 8x10 from me )

2) If this will help with the swapping of addresses, everyone can send their info to me and I can pass them along to the others. But we have such a small group that I think we can handle getting in touch with everyone else. Doesnt matter to me; I'll do whatever is easist for everyone else

3) Lets plan on spending March and April shooting, printing, and sending out the prints. It might not take us that long, but I think it's best to take our time so we arent rushed

4) Might be best to post suggestions here for everyone to see them rather than pm'ing them to me to post here