Grif, I understood the principle of the electric ignitor, even if it the method of the fire catching resistor insulation was new to me. Sorry not been born allknowing. I also got further on the path you advised me after the access to besaid forum was clear.
So at the moment I have a per se working ignitor, question is if it will ignite the aluminium foil snipplets. We will see.
This is not a project I will finish tomorrow, I come back to it when I have some new idea or find new materials I could use. [1] So the movie with explosions has to wait.
Rest assured I will take every precaution and work only with minute quantities of explosive material to minimize risc.

[1] I invested a lot of effort in looking for some KMnO3 or NaMnO3 without look. It was easily avaible when I was a kid and used to be put in sausages. You can still easily get charcoal and Sulfur. Then on the 2nd of January I thought buying some petards and emptyieng them but the sellers dissapeared. Some weeks ago I found some birtday torches, the content of these seem to be flamable enough and sparkling around nicely so it could eventually ignite the Al. Will see if it has enough caloric power.