Yes, the bluejeh/bluejays (sic) landed on my doorstep last night.

Judith's arty carafe 'thing' is quite neat. Nice crisp highlights on the metal band, and control of glare on the balance of the glass. How the vessel inside the carafe got there, and what is does once incide the lareger vassel?? If this is a second vessel with liquid behind the first larger one, then the visual deception is most well done.

Ed's abandon building against the hill is very well done. I like the framing of the elements withing the image. The burn to put such wonderful detail into the clouds is almost flawless; only the 'aura' around the tree hints that there has been some waving of hands etc during printing.

This might be an image worthy of more manipulation. I would suggest this would be a great neg to start you on the path of what unsharp masking can do for an image of this sort to bring down the orerall dynamic range of the negative, and thus make it easier to print, particualrly when there is a quantity of prints to be made.