Here in Ohio we have had one of the mildest winters I remember. And so we have been waiting to see the classic snow and ice we usually have in winter to do another Frozen Film Shoot at Hocking Hills, no such luck.

So as not to miss the entire winter without an outing in Hocking Hills, Sue and I are heading to Hocking Hills State Park from Friday the 23 to Sunday the 25th of March. We booked a state park cabin and will hike the area, do some photography, bird watching, and probably cleaning a bunch of mud off our boots.

You all are invited to come and enjoy the area. If you have time, please file for special access to join us at SaltPetre Caves. It is out of the way, you need a special permit to go there and there is never anyone there so the caves, rock formations and the waterfall are rarely seen or photographed. You will find the permit information here:

BTW (bragging rights time) the entire back cover of the 2012 Hocking Hills Visitor Guide is one of my photographs of my grandson Ravyn. Order a fee copy for more information about the Hocking Hills area. Iíll even autograph it for you if you wish. Order yours today:

Lets get out and enjoy Hocking Hills.