I've been looking for a way to set up my darkroom during daylight hours, so I can print during the long rainy days we get up here, (Highlands) but the specialised vinyl stuff is too expensive. It has to be easily put up and taken off, as I don't want to be in the dark except when printing, as its my one-room bedsit which I convert. Night time is no problem, as I'm in the middle of nowhere, but keeping the daylight out is pretty much impossible on a temporary basis. I've got one large single window about a metre square, so that should make it a bit easier than several smaller ones.Anyone got any tips? What do you guys use? I've seen some cheap roller blinds from Argos for 13 which I could cut to size and tack or tape to the window frame, but I doubt if that would be 100% effective.
Thank you for your help.