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Very unfortunate, but probably very realistic. Fuji has been more involved in the reversal end of the business for a while and seems to have trimmed their negative films, while Kodak has trimmed reversal and now has fewer, but better and more versatile color negative.

I wonder if Fuji just might be left "holding the bag" on this one?
Despite all their bull, I no longer trust Kodak....they were trumpeting the wonders of E100G as being the ideal Kodachrome substitute and the best thing since sliced bread, only a few months ago.

I'm sure color neg is the next to go....fresh Kodak color neg is being shipped out at 1 a roll in Poundland here in the UK. Piled high, as many rolls as you can carry. Obviously dumping stocks.

Don't think I'll bother with a final Ektachrome order, better to start to get used to Fuji.