I've been shooting E-6 film exclusively since '07, but I never tried the Ektachromes until a year ago. I love them (both the VS and G)! The only thing I don't like about the Kodak color pallette is the way it depicts blue skies as an almost cyan color. Kodak's greens also aren't as lovely as Fuji's. But the browns! The yellows and reds!

Neither gritty, industrial urban landscapes nor ruin porn will ever be the same.

yeknom02: I don't see that you have many options. Other than the also discontinued Astia, I think you're pretty much stuck with Provia I have yet to try Rollei's lone offering. I'm checking various vendors for pricing on the two Ektachromes to see if I can afford a small brick of each to go in my freezer with my stock of Fuji T64, which was also recently discontinued.