Kodak pretty much ceded transparency film dominance to Fuji some time ago, and Fuji ceded color neg products
to Kodak. Rather than losing profit in endless price wars, this is no surprise. Each will now what it does best.
The logistcal problem this leaves behind for some of us is that the only polyester-base sheet film left in production is now Velvia 100F, which isn't especially versatile. Astia has been discontinued and now E100G.
Provia is made on an inferior triacetate base which isn't dimensionally stable, so is a pain in the neck with
traditional darkroom processes requiring masking, accurate registrations, etc. I'm not worried because I already
have so many shots on hand that there's no way I can live long enough to print even the best of them.
I've got a few boxes of 8x10 100G left in the freezer, one more batch of Cibachrome, and enough dye transfer
film for several years of printing once I retire. For more routine work I've already switched over to printing
from color negs. But for you youngster's wanting an alternative to inkjet and Fauxtoshop, the options are
thinning. Someone needs to invent a modernized tricolor camera utlizing black and white film, instead of just
refurbishing ancient ones. It would be a fun project for someone with serious machine shop and optics skills
and a bit of money to throw around.