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Despite all their bull, I no longer trust Kodak....they were trumpeting the wonders of E100G as being the ideal Kodachrome substitute and the best thing since sliced bread, only a few months ago.
Trust has been an issue for me with Kodak for a number of years now because of they way they'll promote and flatly deny discontinuing products only to announce discontinuation long after manufacture's ceased. Most recently with Plus-X - it was what, a couple of weeks between Kodak announced that it would only be available in five packs only and announcing that it was totally discontinued period (all formats, whether in five packs or individual boxes)?

At this point, the product lineup isn't what is at issue before, the bigger issue is trust: How long can a company that's lost the trust of its customers continue in business? Kodak's burned film customers enough times and they've burned digital customers on a good number of occasions too. At some point customers are going to stop gambling on Kodak altogether if they lose the trust of the marketplace (all products, not just film and related materials).