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Here's one where I have to agree with you and why I think Fuji's holding the bag on this one. Hopefuly, Fuji can captialize on Kodak leaving this segment and keep their E6 materials around for a good while longer, but if they can't... Other than their E6 products and Superia, what have they got?

Digital ate the reversal market some time ago. I'm not arguing the pros and cons of reversal materials vs. digital. Digital projection probably does $uck relative to analog slides. There's lot's of people who like E6 and this news stinks for them.

Personally, I have a few rolls of E-100G left and an unopened E6 single use kit. Trying to decide if I should offer it it all up for sale to somebody that really enjoys E6? IDK, if I want to sell it or "smoke it while I got it." Thoughts?
I'm planning on some binge shooting since it's arguably pointless to stockpile what will become a PITA to get processed. Have a pile of the last 120 E100GX(fave), Velvia, and an embarrassment of expired Fuji and Kodak 120+135.

My fear is that Kodak's announcement will spook labs already watching their E6 lines coasting to a stop. Looking forward to spring/summer and hope things hold on, lab-wise, till the fall.