The January/February Monthly Shooting assignment has ended.
Although not many photographers participated, there were some extremely excellent entries! Great thanks to Bertus for his Warm Feelings in Wood, warmtone Pauline, hot,hot, hot Molten Bronze and the risque On the Beach!
Sly offered her Pot of Tea, so comforting on cold days and nsouto gave us Warm Glow, Two Cigars, Off to Work and Golden Sand.
Each image, in its own way, exemplified the theme: Show Me Something Warm.
So to whom can I possibly give the nod as winner? After much soul searching, and looking back and forth, I finally came to the conclusion that Warm Glow, by nsouto deserved the honor, both because of the feeling of warmth from the setting sun, the figure wading in warm water and the sheer beauty of the entire photo which warmed my heart as well.
So congratulations dear Noons, you shall preside over the May-June Assignment.
In the meantime, if memory serves correctly, Bertus will select the topic and judge the March-April session.
Happy shooting everyone!