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Artistophanes wrote: "Trust is no longer a business consideration for Kodak. It makes no difference to the bottom line anymore. Kodak invested billions of $$$'s in their films and the brand, and their customers walked away. The currency of trust in private contract makes no sense when your customer is flirting with everything else in sight."

I was actually talking about "trust" in the sense that Kodak, for a long time now, have been promising to support analog, then, within months, discontinuing products one after the other. That's nothing to do with customers choosing alternatives, analog or digital....the latter is just hubris, bad management and failure to compete on the part of Kodak. You can't blame the customers.

But it is another reason for customers to choose other brands with a better "image" of trust and reliability, particularly as the Kodak name disappears from shops and shelves.
About all I can "trust" is that analog as we know it will likely see some big changes in 2012--most them disruptive. Fuji seems to be moving quickly out of the photo chemistry business and shifting its lab clients to dry systems. That's not exactly music I like to hear.