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How has digital replaced slide projection? I still can't find (or afford) a digital projector that can match the resolution of a 35mm slide.

I'm not too concerned about Kodak dropping reversal film. I've always preferred Velvia 50 over Ektachrome. Kodachrome was a real loss; I'm not so concerned about Ektachrome.

How will this affect cine films?
Through social networking. No longer is there a need to use food and alcohol to entice your friends and family into sitting in a dark room so they can be bored to death by ones vacation photos. They're up on Facebook long before the vacation is even over, and people can now ignore them from the comfort of their own computer screen.

The sad fact is, although slides are truly amazing items, their expense and complexity has driven them out of the modern mainstream market. Pro's shoot digital. Super compact digital cameras and camera phones that don't constantly get in the way are the de riguer for family snaps. Slide film's only last hope are the artists that desire slide film for a particular aesthetic but that alone may not be enough to support a market for long, and as digital becomes better and better and more and more young photographers come into the hobby, that market will likely continue to shrink until it is below critical mass to be self sustaining.

Seeing a company who's financial management is decided more by bankruptcy lawyers than artists decide to kill what is most likely a barely profitable product is not surprising in the least. A product with high capital investment and low return can quickly turn into a liability. Better to quit while you're ahead.