Yes Ian, I'm aware of Champion. I was using the term spinoff loosely. They spun off their chemisty to Champion,
which seems to be doing just fine. But another annoyance with the doomsayers - what makes you think E6 only
applies to projector slides? Do you think that every landscape photographer using 4x5 is going to switch to a
thirty grand fragile digital back that will be software-obsolete in five years and not deliver half the quality?
And there are still serious editing advantages to slapping a nice big chrome down on a lightbox rather than
guessing about it on a screen. I'm hardly naive about this. Digital is killing off certain film applications, but
digital is also killing off digital at a far more rapid pace. How often can you afford to replace your gear? Amateur
digital cameras will be made extinct by cell phones, then these will be exterminated by something else soon enough. It's just how the consumer electronics industry keeps alive. Constant obsolescence. But you can go down to any pawnshop and probably find a reasonably usable 35mm film camera for fifty bucks with the probability that some kind of film will still be made for it twenty years from now. I've heard these end of the world scenarios several times before when several popular film of paper products disappeared around the same
time. We all have our favorites. I hate to see Kodachrome, E100G, and Cibachrome go. But they had a great run.
And I have no intentions of giving up a color darkroom. No need to.